What is “Chai Partners”?    When you partner with Chabad by the Sea, you provide the lifeblood of the all the Mitzvot we do for and with the community. And if you’re thinking, “my little donation isn’t much”, think again! Because a little plus a little is a lot!

In short, with this program we hope to raise $5,000 each month. That’s 100 ‘shares’ of $50. Some partners will give multiple ‘shares’ and some will give a single share. Some will even give half a share or any other amount - but together we will have done something really big!!
So please, be generous. Together we can make this world a brighter, better, holier place!

Thank you.

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Chabad by the Sea is a non-profit organization. All grants and charitable contributions are tax-deductible. A Tax reciept will be issued and sent to the above name and address unless otherwise noted. Thank you for you Support.

Contact us about donating vehicles, real estate, stocks or mutual funds.